I enjoy helping companies sound better in Dutch. When translating is just not enough.


Transcreation is the opposite of using Google translate or DeepL – machine translation may return a literal meaning of the words (at best) but certainly does not make your product brochures or website texts sound appealing to your audience. 

This means that even if these tools are used for manuals or troubleshooting guides and then post-edited to check them for accuracy – manufacturers and service providers are ever more demanding for the content of their online texts. 

They have to be adapted and localised for the audience you are trying to reach. This means your texts will be transcreated, rather than translated word by word.

Example and projects

A good example is the Dutch version of the official Spanish website for Gran Canaria that I translated. Where a Spanish description can be “over the top”, the Dutch version needs to be more “subtle” and down to earth. 

Transcreation/marketing translation projects: 

  • Website and brochure texts for a German manufacturer of safety material (face masks, gas detectors, alcohol tests, etc.). 
  • Community content for a large manufacturer of mobile devices
  • Gran Canaria tourism website.