Anjo Sterringa, Lawyer and Linguist

The best of both worlds:
have your legal texts translated by a lawyer/linguist.

Sterringa Projecten | Text & Translation

Legal translations

If you cannot make sense of your Dutch legalese in contracts or tender documents, I will help translating them into English. I have a Dutch Master of Laws (LLM) degree and I translate and review legal texts from English into Dutch, Dutch into English and Spanish into Dutch. To be able to keep providing my clients with the best possible translations, I regularly follow training courses in the legal and financial field. With more than 10 years of experience, you can count on my skilss for all your legal translations.

Sterringa Projecten | Text & Translation

Technical translations

As a translator with hands-on engineering experience I am very much aware of your audience. I installed and serviced desalinators on large yachts for a marine engineering company. I translate and review your technical texts between English and Dutch, and Spanish into Dutch. My background as a marine engineer helps me fully understand your products and services in order to produce high-quality technical translations.


The use of tools such as Machine Translation and Google Translate lead to a shift in emphasis – I actually enjoy the fact that I am more often asked to edit texts and to be creative localising marketing and website texts. I translate these texts from Spanish and English into Dutch, my native language.

This is called transcreation – adapting the style and register to the targeted audience. A good example is the Dutch version of a Spanish website for Gran Canaria that I translated. Where a Spanish description can be “over the top”, the Dutch version needs to be more “subtle”.

If you want me to transcreate your source texts into smooth-sounding copy, matching the style and taste of the Dutch public, then click the button below and request a free quote for transcreation into Dutch.