Your Translation - Dutch Lawyer/Linguist

Technical and legal translation expertise - a creative vein and a keen eye for detail


Who would you like to translate your legal text? A lawyer? A translator?

How about the best of both worlds – a lawyer/translator. 

I have a Dutch Master of Laws (LLM) degree and I am continuously updating my knowledge about mainly the Dutch and English legal systems. The common law system is quite different from the continental (Civil Code based) system although developments in EU and international contract law tend to make the gap smaller.

I translate and review legal texts English into Dutch / Dutch into English and Spanish into Dutch

  • General Conditions, Licence Agreements and Terms of Use
  • Privacy documents (GDPR)
  • Tender documents
  • Employment contracts


Technical and marketing

Marketing texts for technical equipment, safety equipment and maritime applications.
Technical texts and manuals for the oil & gas industry, manufacturing.


As a translator with hands-on engineering experience I am very much aware of your audience.

I installed and serviced desalinators (or: watermakers) on large yachts for a marine engineering company also serviced  engines, generators, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. I am familiar with low pressure and high pressure pumps, diesel engines, water treatment and filtration, plumbing fittings and electrical systems.

I translate and review technical texts between English and Dutch, and Spanish into Dutch

  • Training courses for technical staff (oil & gas) and website texts for safety material (firefighting, search and rescue, plant safety)
  • Operator's manuals for machines in factories


Would you need your website content, your policies or other customer-facing documents translated into flawless Dutch?

What you need is a good, creative, business-like translation from English or Spanish that reads as if it had been written in the target language (Dutch). Look no further!

  • Website texts
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Company Policies
  • Newsletters
  • Magazines